--- layout: nil title: aochat --- AOChat - an OSX Anarchy Online chat client


Universal Binary

Universal binary
Runs natively on Intel and PowerPC Macs.


Notifications on tell messages using growl. growl.info

Known issues and missing features:

  • Tab completion for grounames does not currently work for tells.
  • Due to the way Aochat displays newlines the orgrelay in ign bots causes an extra newline after each line.
    Please note that this is actually a bug of ign bot, not the chat client. Anarchy Online ingame actually shows this newline too but it isn't as visible as it is in Aochat as Anarchy Online automatically overwrites empty chat lines.
    Nonetheless you can get a fix for your bot here
  • You currently can not toggle chat channels on and off. More specifically this means shopping channel spam on rk1/2.
    However you can turn off the shopping channels in the preferences